sigikid Mobile Bed Arm Bracket Baby Crib Holder and Wind-Up Rack - RL9N3P4UI

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  • Covered with soft fabric. Eyecatcher bird on top.

  • Brilliant for crib, baby bed or bassinet. Not adviseable for the changing table.

  • Material: ABS

  • Size: 75 cm

  • Cute design - sigikid - FIRST CLASS FOR KIDS

  • This beautiful mobile holder is sure to capture infants’ attention, even without the mobile. A colourful little bird sits on a branch and gazes affectionately down on the crib below. The plastic holder is covered in soft fabric and can be easily attached to a crib.
    Who is sigikid? Faithful to our slogan: "First Class for Kids", we do not sell products but rather good feelings. Our vision is that we can offer all the children of this world a happy childhood by boosting their development and their rights. Every child has the right to "Play". We believe that everything starts with playing, and through play many things are determined that accompany us throughout life. If we give our children a good time with good toys, the likelihood of their developing into good people is considerably high. With this vision, playing can change the world. It is in this perspective that we develop our toys, without violent features, without electronics or sleazy ideas. We believe in the strength of childhood since we never stop playing as we become older. We become older because we stop playing.
    sigikid is a German company with an 150 years old tradition.

    Box Contains

    1x mobile holder

    sigikid Mobile Bed Arm Bracket Baby Crib Holder and Wind-Up Rack - RL9N3P4UI

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