Rhino Toys Big Oball (Colors May Vary) - 7HA7062ZZ

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  • Rhino Toys products have been designed to provide innovative, tactile and high performance fun

  • Rhino Toys is a young toy manufacturing company based in Santa Cruz, CA, was founded in 2001 by David Silverglate

  • A ball full of finger holes that is incredibly easy to catch, captivating to hold, and safe to throw

  • Shiny, smooth, flexible, durable and virtually Indestructible Oball is the ideal ball in every situation.

  • 100% Dishwasher Safe, PVC, Latex and Phthalates Free!

  • The Everybody Ball just got way bigger. Bigger circles, bigger holes, bigger ball, bigger action. That's right, everything about the Big Oball is bigger than ever. Yet it's just as smooth, shiny, and indestructible as the Original Oball. Kick it, stomp it, or crush it, and Big Oball bounces right back to a perfectly formed sphere. It's amazingly fun and durable. Dishwasher-safe, you can take it to the beach, pool, or park without fretting about getting it dirty. All ages, 6" in diameter; assorted colors. Made in China.

    Rhino Toys Big Oball (Colors May Vary) - 7HA7062ZZ

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