Plan Toys - Musical Band - DUV5TAEDF

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  • Comes with two sizes of drums with sturdy Latex drum heads

  • Attached guiro makes a pleasant rhythmic wooden sound

  • Attached metal cymbal makes a great striking sound

  • Made from all-natural organic recycled rubberwood and water-based dyes

  • This musical toy enhances hand-eye coordination and boosts concentration skill as it helps children to become little musicians!

    Playtime Ideas:

    • The Musical Band is perfect for children to explore music, discover the different sounds instruments make and learn how to combine different sounds to make tunes.
    • This is a fun way to develop hand-eye coordination and enhance auditory and concentration skills.
    • Children can pretend to be a musician and play their own musical piece, building confidence and imagination.

    Plan Toys - Musical Band - DUV5TAEDF

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